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Widgetizing a WordPress Theme

Widgetizing a WordPress Template

One of the aspects that makes WordPress such a popular personal publishing platform, and an increasingly competent CMS, is the ease with which it can be customized. The ability to customize your WordPress theme to display a widget in a new area of your site requires an understanding of what a widgetized area is, how you go about creating new ones and what your theme’s templates need in order to properly display them. This simple tutorial is going to focus in on that core feature of WordPress’ customizability, is based on some of the recent work done on the CUNY GCDI child theme and is dedicated to the Digital Fellow Hillary Miller.

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Parent Child Featured

WordPress Parent and Child Themes

Welcome to the first official tutorial post from the Digital Fellows Tutorials blog! This post is dedicated to our illustrious fellow Erin Glass. She posted the first ever Fellows support request to Redmine regarding an interesting, and often times difficult to understand, facet of developing custom and advanced functionality using WordPress (WP): the parent/child theme relationship. My response to that ticket, as well as an earlier email, prompted me to consolidate all of that information into this – the first Digital Fellows Tutorial.

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