Site Focus

The primary focus and goal of this site is to serve as an outlet for tutorials, explanations and ongoing help for members of the Digital Fellows CUNY Academic Commons group. I will discuss themes, plugins, configuration and any other web design topic in general and WordPress topic in particular that needs a more in depths explanation.

Members of the Digital Fellows group should direct requests either to my email address or a new ticket on the CUNY Academic Commons Redmine support system. I will endevour to translate topics and their answers onto this blog when I feel it deserves more exhastive coverage. If you are not a member of the Digital Fellows group, but have found this site through a search or some other means please feel free to use the contact form if you have a suggestion for a potential topic. I will entertain any and all requests, but I reserve the right to choose what will be posted here and when it will be published.

Site Name

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the Information Technology world you know that we have more acronyms then the US Military. Specifically, in the web design community, we have a particular kind of acronym (technically an abbreviation) called a numeronym. They are used for shortening words like internationalization and localization where the letters between the first and last are replaced with a number representing the number of letters omitted. So internationalization becomes i18n and localization becomes i10n.

I’ve decided that I am now important enough to warrant a numeronym of my own name, so Dominic becomes d5c. In addition to making me feel cooler, it makes for a wonderfully short URL to access this site with a minimum amount of typing. I’ve registered d5c.me and mapped it to this site’s domain. I haven’t set it as the primary domain so it will still resolve to d5c.commons.gc.cuny.edu because I’d like all my visitors to know that I am part of this site and this community and I’m proud of it.

Site Theme

Because this is primarily and tutorial site I’ve decided to go with the newest default WordPress theme: TewentyTwelve. It’s responsive, so the site can be viewed by visitors from desktop browsers all the way down to the pocket computers and cameras that we all make phone calls from. As the default WordPress theme it also incorporates some of the latest and greatest WordPress features and best practices. It is also an ideal candidate for showcasing the capabilities of child themes in WordPress. And its ready availability on any fresh WordPress install should make it easier for those of you who’d like to follow along at home to do so with minimal setup effort.

Aside from the obvious benefits it offers as an example platform, it’s also gorgeous. I am a sucker for clean and simple themes that focus on presenting content over style. It is a testament to minimalism and simplicity which is also something I’ve been striving for in my personal life lately.


My name is Dominic Giglio. I am an independent web developer, a member of the CUNY Academic Commons development team and a CUNY student. I was bitten by the WordPress bug about 3-4 years ago, and have been trying to build better websites ever since. I’ve primarily built personal sites for myself, family and friends but I’ve also built some professionally. I live in NYC and I’m working towards my AAS in Computer Science at BMCC. Besides WordPress, I’ve also built apps with Ruby on Rails. I am fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Ruby. I’ve also developed in Java, C, Assembly and Python. Ironically, I can only speak English.

I’ve explored the internals of the WordPress initialization process extensively and I’ve presented at the monthly WordPress NYC Meetup. You can see examples of how I code and the kinds of projects I’ve been involved with on my Gtihub page and the Commons’ Github page. I blog way too infrequently at my personal site and I’m on Twitter but don’t bother looking for me on Facebook – I don’t like it. 🙂